Leticia Delgado

Symbol: Lc

Atomic mass: 38

Discoveres: My parents

Occurrence: highly concentrated in Ap world history & extremely low concentrated in algebra.

Physical properties

Surface properties: Long black hair, brown eyes, short height.

Boils when: Told no when asking for something.

Melts if embarrassed in public.

Can cause dramatic fits if you steal her food.

Sad when stressed out because of school.

Happy when im eating.

Becomes stubborn and unyielding when my mind is set on something.

Chemical properties

Is repelled by any type of bugs or bad odors.

Is attracted to beautiful haired boys.

May explode spontaneously when seeing bullying happening.

Requires copious amounts of attention by her close friends.

Is inert if brought food.

Will repel if you're rude.

Is impervious to feelings.