Jobs For Charlie

Mackenzie Callon, Brandon Barerra, and Ella Cloninger

Truck Driver | Ella

Truck Drivers travel to deliver goods. They load and unload the truck, take orders for new deliveries, find and keep customers, and get the goods to the clients on time.

To be a Truck Driver, you need to be able to stay safe on the road, drive for long periods of time, and you might want to actually enjoy driving.

No Education is needed to be a Truck Driver although there are certain classes that are recommended.

Related Jobs are Vallet, and Delivery Person. (Ex: Fed Ex or UPS)

Baker | Mackenzie

Being a baker, you could either be in a small scale kitchen with only yourself or only a few people, or in a large scale kitchen with a lot of other people. But no matter the circumstances, you need to be able to use a large variety of tools. You will also have to get up very early, and going to bed late.

To be a Baker, you need to know how to make bread, (duh) and you need to be able to function on little or no sleep.

For certain places being a baker, you need a degree from a culinary college. Others, you don't even need a high school diploma.

Related jobs are Pastry Chef, and Personal Chef

Optometrist/Eye Doctor | Brandon

Optometrists examine people's eyes give advice if their patients have anything wrong with their eyes, try to recognize if their patients have any diseases, and they test patients eyes.

This job would be good for you if you enjoy things in the medical field. Also to be an Optometrist, you need to be able to be patient and you need to be able to thoroughly inspect things.

To be an Optometrist, you need to have a degree in Optometry, A Bachelors Degree, 4years of college, Optometry admission test, license to practice and have been an intern

Some related jobs are Dental Assistants, and Orthadontists.