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Summer Love

Hey gang!

Summer is just around the corner and we wanted to be nice to you. Yes because it's just cool and who doesn't want a cool gift? To help your summer transition we went along and made a radio set for you. You can download these tracks. Baked cooked and ready to be served.

Link for download:

Soaked The Band

Soaked: ID Card

If your heartbeat is synched to any kind of Electronica, Soaked will require no effort from you. Here you are in the familiar realm of perfect melodic Synth-Pop, but the band stands apart easily from the myriad of others. They make timeless music, and possess the sophistication associated with world class acts. These flawlessly produced songs are delivered in pure English, and curiously devoid of any hints that point to the origin of the band—Istanbul, Turkey would never be your first guess.