Jobs For Quartz Mining Available

Get Rich Quick With Combes/Cutler Mining Co.

Come Help us Dig in Columbia, California.

  • You must be mentally and physically tough
  • You must be ready to work long hours
  • You will be mining for gold, and silver, or any other Mineral that can get us cash
  • Every day you will be provided a pickax, and a shovel
  • Qualified miners will run mining sluices
  • Mines will be dirty and harder to breath in
  • Cave-ins Are a Risk
  • You will receive $5.50 a week
  • Steeling gold will not be tolerated
  • You must be okay with being in dark places
  • You must have high tolerance for injury
  • You will be able to keep five percent of the profit off every mineral you find
  • Easy way to get rich quick since you are basically surrounded with gold, silver, and many other minerals that is worth much in the pocket book
  • We will mine our owned mine until we run entirely out in our current mine, then we may move on to another if gold, silver, or other minerals are found elsewhere.