Taylor Paul and Brianna Hathaway

Why were the Pyramids built in the triangle shape?

Facts about why the Pyramids were built in a triangle shape is shown below. In "Why did they shape the Pyramids in a triangle shape?" it states, "The first example is to represent the rays of the sun." Another example is so the Pharaoh who has past away would be able to climb to the sky and live their life forever. "The last example that I have found was, the pyramid that represents the first land to appear of time ,and the nickname for the hill was called the Ben- Ben." Those examples support why the Pyramids were built in the triangular shape.

Who built the Pyramids

The people who built the Pyramids were employees (permanent and temporary). They were Egyptians who stayed in the villages and developed by supervisors of the Pharaohs. The article, "Pyramids in Ancient Egypt" , states that the villages had bakers, butchers, house brewers, cemeteries, and even some types of health care. Also, they believe that some women had built the Pyramids! over three thousand builders worked everyday....... at least one of them must of been a women. These statements support that who have built the Pyramids.


How the Pyramids were built

How were the Pyramids built

How were the Pyramids built. In, "How were the Egyptian Pyramids built?" How were the Pyramids built is first, The Pharaoh would have the first establishment of an engineering department composed of an overseer of all the kings construction work, a chief engineer, and the architect, as well as, in effect, a department of manpower. Then, " The core of the Pyramids were often composed of local limestone, says, Redford." Next, "Finer quality limestone composed the outer layer of the pyramids, giving them a white sheen that could be seen from miles away." Finally, usually the stone was made out of Granite, and here are some other materials they made Pyramids out of basalt, or other very hard stones such as plated gold , silver, electrum, and would be highly reflective to the sun. Those examples state how the Pyramids were built.

Why the seven wonders..?

Did you know the Pyramids is one of the seven wonders of the world? Well, if it is, why is it one of the wonders of the world? To the Egyptians, the pyramids shape represented new life. They are a marveling, hand-made structure that took many years to build. Also, it rivals any structure built in the last few hundred years. In the article, "The Great Pyramid of Giza Facts", states that at the time, they didn't have any equipment to move the stone blocks, that at least weighed two tons each! It is a testament to the Egyptians, and its proportions must have been awe-inspiring. Ancient Pyramids will always be one of the seven wonders of the world.
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