Nicolas Copernicus

By: Tiara Nelson & Zach Holmes


Nicolas Copernicus was a polish renissance astronomer and mathematician. In his lifetime he did mathmatics, medicine, economics, astronomy and cannon law.



Copernicus was born in the year on 1473 in Poland. He had a huge interest for astronomy and geography. He went to many colleges for some of his studies but the main one that stood out was Krakow university. He gained a lot of knowledge in mathematical-astronomical. In 1508 Copernicus began making his own celestial model, he made a heliocentric planetary system, a model made for planets. To prove to everyone that the earth was not at the middle of the universe but that the sun is.


  • In 1533 his inspiration prompted him to build his own modest observatory to view the planets while they are in action.
  • Around that time the city that you lived in became known for you last name " Nicolus Krakow"


people around the world still use his theory and know now that the sun is placed at the center of the universe. If he would have never proved that in the late 1400's we probably wouldn't have known for sure.

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