National News Bulletin

Kaleb Haskell; Editor-In-Chief

Unfair Treatment Toward Immigrants

Ellis Island, USA - America was known as a land of opportunity, somewhere people could move to and make a living alone or with a family. America was a place where you made who you are and chose what you could do. That is what everyone thought at least. Many immigrants moved to the United States thinking that they would start over and live better than they had before in their home countries. but the truth is that there were not a lot of open jobs and the journey to America was not cheap or easy. the ticket to America cost $30 and a lot of people could not afford that price for themselves or a family. and then when you finally reached America on a crowed ship, you had to take a medical exam with dirty and unsanitized medical tools. after waiting between one week to a few months to be allowed into the country, Businesses would not want to hire immigrants, seeing them as unequal to other Americans. It was much harder for immigrants to find a job and if they were able to, they were payed much more poorly. in addition to having poor jobs, they also lived in crowded and dirty places called tenements, which was a place where workers lived.

"Gasless Sundays" and "Heatless Mondays"

The U.S.A was trying to make sure there was enough fuel for the military's needs, so it encouraged citizens to participate in these events.
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Selfish Business Owners

Many business owners of various different fields have been putting their own profit before their workers safety, leaving employees at high risk of injury. And if someone is injured, then they were fired and replaced, an easy, and profitable strategy for business owners.
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Spain Challenges America!

Februrary 16, 1898 - Just yesterday, the USS Maine was sent to Havana to preserve and protect the lives and property of American citizens that were in danger. When all of a sudden, the USS Maine blew out of the water! America has information to accuse Spain of this attack. This direct assault on the U.S. seems to be a challenge from Spain, edging the United States to fight back, thinking that this country doesn't stand a chance. Or maybe Spain is trying to Show the world that America is a country for the cowardly. America should fight back and show Spain that the United States of America is not a push over of a country!


FOR SALE - T-model automobile, unused. visit your local Ford dealer for more details. Prices start at $1600

Wanted - Male or female waiter, payed $.05 an hour plus tips. - Jannith's Joint

Service - Bus drivers needed for mass transport. contact the BDAA

Service - Women needed to help build rifles for our troops. Help the war cause!

Wanted - need men to help with cargo loading onto ships. - WeMove You!

For Sale - Radio, listen to and entertain your whole family with this box and electricity!

- Wilfred Bartholomew

Germany Indirectly threatens America

Berlin, Germany - It seems that Germany is afraid of the impact that the United States could have on the war in Europe, and is determined to keep the U.S. out of it, so much that they asked another country, Mexico, to go to war with us through the "Zimmerman note". An ally of America, Great Britain, intercepted this message and warned America. Mexico however, denied Germany's plan, having no desire or need to attack America. Should America intervene in the war, or remain neutral? has Germany caused exactly what they were trying to prevent?

Babe Ruth Impresses Again

Baseball star Babe Ruth was born on February 6, 1895, into a very poor family. He was sent to a boys only school where he ac-celled far beyond all the other athletes, and was easy to spot because of his talent. Babe Ruth was signed to the Boston Red Sox at 19 years old, where he quickly showed his talent and led his team to many victories.

Home run hitter Babe Ruth actually started his MLB career as a left handed picture for the Boston Red Sox. He led them to 89 victories, including 3 World Series wins, before he was traded to the New York Yankees, where his position changed to outfielder. This baseball legend has led the Yankees to 2 more World series wins so far and quite possibly will lead them to many more.

Babe Ruth has also set the record this year for having the most season home runs at 60. Babe Ruth refuses to give up or accept defeat. We'll see how he does in his future seasons.

A Busy Women

Tampa Bay, Florida - Zora Neale Hurston, an African American women who overcame astounding odds to get an education and her practice with writing. She is known for her outstanding plays and short stories, and she has just released her first novel, Their Eyes Were Watching God. It is a story about a teenage girls journey into womanhood where she has control of how her life will turn out.

The United States is Changing


The 1906 Earthquake devastated California, many buildings were destroyed. since then, California has made many improvements. Before restoration could begin, 11 cubic yards of debris had to be removed. Many buildings were replaced exactly how they were before, but some of the older buildings had major structural changes that were needed before the earthquake hit.


The Panama Canal was originally started by the French in Panama, but the company building it went bankrupt and had to abandon the operation. America got permission to finish it and had a good reason for doing it to, it would cut down on fuel usage by eliminating thousands of miles needed to reach other countries. so after four and a half million cubic yards of concrete, America finally finished the canal.

New York

There will not always be enough room to expand along the ground, so New York's builders decided to build up, as much as 105 stories! having tall buildings instead of very large ones along the ground is a new and improved form of architecture. And Americas brilliant architects have figured out how to do so, even keeping the buildings balanced through complicated methods.


Vermont has had a big boom in wealth, that they are profiting off of, but not for good reasons. during this war, there has been a much larger need for headstones and for a graveyard to bury fallen soldiers. Vermont has been making headstones and supplying granite for every headstone in Arlington National Cemetery.