Weather Project

By: Suvi Stoor

Weather and Climate

The difference between weather and climate is that climate is what an area's weather is like year 'round. On the other hand, weather is something that just happens on occasion and is not likely to be compared to weather.

Land VS. Sea Breezes

During the day, specifically at a beach, there are different temperatures to be observed. It is highly likely that you don't know what those temperatures are. You probably also don't know that land is more of a conductor of heat than water is. Water is also has a better chance of withholding heat more than water.

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Global Patterns

Trade - Trade wind patterns are caused by an increase in temperature, they originate from the ends of the earth and move towards the equator. These are warm and dry winds which makes them great for sailing.

Polar - Polar wind patterns are caused when cold air at the north at south poles create high pressure which causes these winds to move from the eastern parts of the globe to the north pole. The polar winds are dry and cold winds.

Westerlies - Westerlies blow from the west and somewhat to the north, these winds are caused by high-pressure areas. These are also dry winds.

Easterlies - Easterlies are dry and cold prevailing winds that blow from high pressure areas; like the poles, to the low pressure areas near the equator.

Weather Fronts and Weather Maps

When a weather front happens two air masses of different temperatures and densities collide but do not mix.

There are four different kinds of weather fronts; occluded, stationary, cold, and warm.

Also, the direction that a front moves is Southwest the Northeast.

On a weather map there are two different letters shown; H and L they mean two different things.

H = high pressure

L = low pressure

High pressure and low pressure is caused by ascending and descending air.

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