1940 Republican Candidate

Policies that FDR believes in or has passed

Agriculture Adjustment Act (AAA)- First New Deal

The AAA was one of many acts that FDR passed and believed in. This act paid farmers to limit the amount of crops they grew or to dig into the ground crops that are already grown. This was passed because it was supposed to help the economy after the Great Depression hit. FDR believes that this act will be good for the country because farmers will not produce more than what can be sold and the goods would not be over priced. Another reason this act is good for the country is that the farmers will not go into debt as easily because they will not be spending money on farming that doesn't need to be spent.

Public Works Administration (PWA)- FIrst New Deal

The PWA was introduced to decrease the rate of unemployment in the United States after the Great Depression. Through the PWA many people got jobs building highways and public buildings in many big cities. The PWA also helped with purchasing power and improving public welfare. FDR believes that this will help the country because it'll help bring people out of debt and eventually it'll help the economy become good again.

Lend-Lease Act- Foreign Policy

President Roosevelt passed the Lend-Lease Act which allowed the United States military aid to allied countries during World War II. The US is allowed to send arms and other defense materials that'll help those country's. FDR believes that this will help the country because the US would not be in the war unless they are drug into the conflict by an Axis Power. The Lend-Lease Act relates to the Neutrality Act which keep Britain in the war until the war leads the US into it. The Neutrality Act limited the United States involvement in any war.

Works Progress Administration (WPA)- Second New Deal

The WPA was a work-relief program that Roosevelt passed to help those that did not have jobs. The WPA provided almost 8.5 million people with jobs that consisted of building bridges, public parks and buildings, and airports. FDR believes that this will help the United States with unemployment and will bring people out of debt. With the many people who jobs are provided to the unemployment rate should go down and people should start making money through one of the areas of work listed above.

Social Security Act (SSA)- Second New Deal

The SSA was passed by FDR which created pension for those who have retired. This act also provides temporary assistance to those who are unemployed and helped those who are disabled. FDR believes that this will help the country because it'll help keep people from going back into debt. This act will help those get back "onto their feet" until they can get a job and make money. This act also changed the way people thought about working because if you work now then when you retire you will have money waiting for you. This will help the country because there will be money there and you won't have to worry about debt any longer.