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Hello! My name is Hannah Dunmire and I have the privilege of teaching your child calculus this year. I am (will be) a graduate of Grove City College with my Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics. This is my first year teaching at this school and I'm excited to see what the year brings.

I'm creating this monthly newsletter as a way to keep you informed of what's going on in this class throughout the year. I want to make sure that you are aware of important dates, your child's progress, and any other pertinent information.

Please feel free to contact me at any time with any questions or concerns you might have.

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Course Overview

AP Calculus AB is a fairly rigorous and challenging class that is roughly equivalent to a first semester college calculus course. It mainly covers topics in differential and integral calculus. This course teaches students to apply the topics they learn to all types of different problems and make connections among them. At the end of the semester there will be an official AP exam that measures the students' understanding of the concepts of calculus and their ability to apply them. This exam is not a required part of the course because of its cost; however, I highly recommend that you and your child consider it because it is a great way for students to test what they've learned and earn potential college credit too.

My goal for this course is that it will be a fruitful learning experience for your child as their eyes are opened to a type of math they probably have never seen before. It's going to require some hard work and effort, but I think it will be beneficial to them in the end, even if they do not pursue math after high school.

Watch this video to see an example of what AP classes can do for your child

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