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Bubble sort Algorithms

Bubble sort algorithm is one way most major search engines organize information; from the most popular to least popular, follow these steps to be able to demonstrate a bubble sort algorithm and how it functions:

  • set out an array of a pack of thirteen cards of the same suit in a straight line (shuffled first)
  • Place a finger on a card and another on the card beside it- beginning from the left
  • Swap the cards your fingers are on IF the card on the left has higher value than the one on the right.
  • If not move up the line
  • Repeat the process until the cards are in the correct order.

If you need visual demonstration, check this video linked below for further explanation:

Bubble Sort

Binary Codes

The binary code is a computers way of communicating or sending instructions to do something using the numbers 1 and 0. For example rather than using the letter a it uses the eight character binary number 01000001 to represent the letter A.

Computers use binary codes to transport calculate and translate because computer hardware circuits only have two electrical states on (one) and off (zero). All the letters of the alphabet, numbers and symbols are converted into eight character binary codes as you work with them in Computer software.

Down below a picture of computer binary code translated into the English alphabet.

Big image

Pseudo Code

Pseudo code is a programming language, computers use for software programming. Although it is a language used for computer programming, it is mostly intended for human reading rather than machine reading.

Pseudo is not an actual programming language, Although it does make creating programs easier.It uses short phrases to write code for programs before you actually create it in a specific language.Once you know what the program is about and how it function, you can use it to create small phrases.


flowchart is a diagram that represents an algorithm, It's an example of a pseudo code. It's a step by step process, showing instructions or a workflow. Flowcharts can also be a solution model to a given problem . Each step in the process is represented by a different symbol. The flowchart symbols are connected by arrows.

The common symbols in a flowchart:

  • Terminator: An oval flow chart shape showing the start or end of the process.
  • Process: A rectangular flow chart shape showing a normal process flow step.
  • Decision: A diamond flow chart shape showing a branch in the process flow.

For example:

Big image

How does google search work?

When you search something o]up on 'googles' search bar, your not actually searching the world wide web your actually searching 'googles' index of the web. They do that by using a spider program, that picks up information from websites that include the words you had entered into the search bar. These 'spiders' collect information from other websites by pressing on links linking them to other websites expanding the googles search index. BY doing this google has fetched a pretty big chunk of the web, and so if you were to search something up they would be able to find your search terms in their index in less than a second. Google knows the page you are looking for according to your search terms by asking questions based around the keywords you have entered in the search bar, that way it can give you a clear list of pages relevant to your search term.

For further explanation, check out the video below:

How Search Works

Boolean search terms

Boolean search is a type of search that allows people to combine keywords using operators such as AND, OR and NOT without including it in the actual search term to produce more relevant search terms. For example if i were to write Cat AND lifespan. this would limit my search term as to those keywords.

Boolean expressions:


When you want to search up two relevant keywords, not necessarily together but included in the same information provided. For example: 'New York' AND 'Penthouse'.


When you want to search up a relevant keyword, either one doesn't mind. For example 'Cats' OR 'Kittens'.


when you want to search up a relevant keyword rather than a commonly mistaken keyword. For Example 'Draw' NOT 'drawer'.

Quotation marks

when you want to search up two relevant keywords together, rather than individually. For Example "Rocking Chair".


'Voice over internet Protocol' Is being able to video chat or speak over the internet. VoIP is delivery for voice communications and social multimedia tasks over the internet protocol (network)

Examples of VoIP's:

  • Skype
  • oovoo
  • whatsapp
  • Viber