Born 2 Be Wild

By: Alondra

Real Life Story

A tiger at the San Antonio Zoo mauled zoo keeper Jeff Tierney, leaving him in critical condition. The 244-pound tiger, named Berani, knocked the zookeeper down, bit him several times

and dragged him by the head into a service hallway, but for some reason released the injured

zookeeper for an instant — long enough for him to retrieve a vial of pepper

spray from his belt and repel the creature.

In Florida of 2010, a 12,000 pound Ib Orca whale called (Titlly) mauls and kills his trainer Dawn Brancheau at Seaworld on a performances.

Never to have wild animals

Branson West, Missouri August 5, 2008

16 year old was mauled by three-tigers Branson Interactive Zoo, the employee was in the tiger pen where they were hungary, so they went for him.