Nanotechnology in ICT.

Unnoticeable in everyday.

Information is the key factor that wins a battle!

Modern society is getting more and more information. Information rules the world and the old statement this applicable to our reality too.

Nanotechnology is essential for developing informational society.

The potential of nanotechnology in computing and information technology is breathtaking. The most realistic goal is miniaturisation - no one doubts that within the next decade or two, nanotechnology will provide us with smaller computers with larger memories that can store maillions times more information than current processor.


Fantasy of futurists

People's opinion.

To collect the data about how people are aware of nanotechnologies used in ICT we conducted a survey. 40 people took part in the survey, and their ages range from 16 to 40. The analysis of the results proves that all respondents heard about nanotechnology, but only 30 of them can define what it means, others can't explain. 100% of respondents said that nanotechnologies can be applied in real life in such areas as medicine, construction, communication and space exploration, but half of them don't feel interested because they don't believe it will happen during their life.
Only 10% of respondents are happy with current amount of accessible information. The rest think that government hide lots of information from people, and they should make it free.
About implanting chips to work with information telepathically 20 people said that it will happen in 100 years, which constitutes 50% of the total number of respondents. 25% said that it will happen in 500 years and the rest thought it wouldn't happen.
100% of respondents answer the last question about investing nanotechnology investing by the government and they said that it's not a top priority today and there are more important areas to invest in.

However, some fear the development of ICT.


In conclusion we can say, that nanotechnology can significantly improve current level of development of revieving and handling information.

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