Cool With School

Rules and why we need them.


What are the purposes of school rules and how do they affect the school community when abused?


1) In early settlements Jails held people accused of crimes until they were brought to trial.

2) Crime rates have been going down for 13 years and property crimes are the most occurring.

3) Phones are not permitted in class.

4) Running in the hall isn't a very forced rule.

5) Promotion of alcohol, drugs, weapons, or other illegal subjects will lead to law based consequences.

6) Students are allowed to have their phones out during lunch.

7) Breaking the phone rule will result in ISS or a warning.

8) PDA is not permitted during school or in the school at anytime.

9) There were tons of punishment methods in early Colonial Settlements the most common was the stocks.

10) It is not permitted to chew gum while on the gym floor.

What rules are being broken most and what punishments come with them?

Well it seems that the most broken rules are phone usage and dress code offences, and the punishments for those are most often ISS, verbal warnings, or the signing of the conduct log.

Interview with Mr. Ray

Phone Usage

One of the most broken rules here at Vance Mr. Ray believes that phones are the most abused privileges here at school especially in the lunchroom. People have the right to use their phones in the lunchroom yet they still abuse this rule by having them in the classrooms and hallways. (The office ladies have confiscated at least 30 phones this year)