Chernobyl: Nuclear Disaster

Noelle Johns


Are People aware of how bad Chernobyl was or how badly the environment was hurt do to this tragedy? In the Ukrainian Republic of the soviet union, on April 24th 1986, scientists and workers conducted in an experiment on a nuclear reactors safety measures. The reactors safety systems were shut off by the workers causing two massive explosions in unit four of the Chernobyl plant.

When and where

Founded in the 12th century Chernobyl was built on a bend. The Chernobyl incident happened on April 24th 1986, in the soviet union just 70 miles north of Kiev.

Who, What, Why

The cause of the tragedy was from a human mistake, the workers, and the scientists. The mistake from these men caused a massive nuclear explosion due from a test on its safety system/measures. The explosion was greater than the bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Unborn children, woman, men, etc. effected by the radiation would develop leukemia, some were born with defects such as extra limbs or missing limbs, even the animals were affected, turtles with 2 or 3 heads, 2 headed frogs, and 4 eared cats. The vegetables and grown food were deformed Doctors came to the site to help those affected by the radiation knowing that they too would be suffering from the exposure of radiation.