May 13, 2016

Mission Statement 2015-2016

As members of Ballardville, we recognize that each student in ASPIRE is unique and different in his or her own way. We promise to:

  • help each other learn and excel as a group in class;
  • be kind, respectful, and responsible to our teacher, each other, our classroom, and ourselves;
  • have a positive attitude, follow the Golden Rule, and make sure everyone feels like they fit in;
  • put aside our differences and cooperate with each other respectfully;
  • show kindness in and out of the classroom and treat others with care.

We expect our teacher to challenge us in a way that will help each of us excel in our learning. We like to be challenged and to think outside the box.

Our personal expectations are to be respectful and responsible. We will encourage others to be helpful and not hurtful. We will pull each other up when in need, and will help each other improve.

Dates to Remember

May 16th: Career Day

May 18th: PARR Park Field Trip

May 18th: Deadline for ASPIRATIONS Submissions for Publication

May 20th: Faculty/5th Grade Softball Game

May 20th: ASPIRE Academy Showcase (students only)

May 23rd: Movie Party for those who met my reading goal of 40 books/equivalents

May 25th: ASPIRE Family Swim Party Pre-Payment and Registration Due

May 25th: Math Olympiad Toga Celebration

May 27th: No School - Bad Weather Make-Up Day

May 30th: No School - Memorial Day

May 31st: Fourth Grade Success Assembly at 8:00am

May 31st: Movie Party for those who met my reading goal of 80 books/equivalents

June 1st: All School Celebration

June 2nd: Last Day of School; Dismissal at 11:45am

June 3rd: 3rd Annual K-5 ASPIRE Family Swim Party @ Bedford Splash Waterpark and Pool

Intent to Return Next Year to Glenhope

If you haven't yet completed the survey about your plans for next year, please follow this link and take a few seconds to do so:

Parr Park Field Trip

Please make sure to have paperwork and permission forms turned in as soon as possible!

Class Objectives for Next Week

Reading - Final Round of Bracketology

Writing - Journal Writing; ASPIRATIONS submissions

Social Studies - Revolution & The Republic of Texas

Science - Adaptations and Behaviors; Force & Motion

Big Thank You!!

A GATOR Thank You to ALL parents who volunteered at today's Gator Games! You helped make the day a great success!!

ASPIRATIONS- The Book Version

Each year, we publish and professionally bind a collection of our class writing and artwork into a paperback book through an online service.

Students are choosing pieces they feel show great improvement, exceptional writing, and creativity. Art will be scanned into PDFs for publication.

Deadline for students to have pieces typed and submitted to our ASPIRATIONS folder on Google Drive or submitted artwork by May 18th. This will give me time to transfer all work to the publication format, create a table of contents and index, and submit to print.

The books should arrive the last week of school so students can sign each other's books and enjoy them with friends.

You will be able to purchase as many copies of this publication as you wish. The cost is usually around $6. I will have final cost and an order form soon.

Please talk with your child about the pieces they want to represent them in this portfolio of our best work this year!

3rd Annual ASPIRE Academy Showcase

The ASPIRE Academy Showcase was the brainchild of three 4th grade ASPIRE students during the first year of the ASPIRE Academy. The purpose was a chance for the ASPIRE students to get together across grade levels and share something they were passionate about through the arts. That first year it was held in Mrs. Hollinger's classroom since there were only 3 ASPIRE classes.

The next year these 3 students asked to do the Showcase again. Since the ASPIRE Academy was larger they split the day up so that 1st-2nd grade had a showcase and 3rd-5th grade had a showcase, but all showcases were in a classroom.

This year we have five 5th grade students that were hand-picked by the originators before they went on to middle school. These 5 girls have gotten a good start on the planning, but since the ASPIRE Academy is now 7 classes - Mr. Boykin and Mrs. Fullhart are jumping in as the producers of the 3rd Annual ASPIRE Talent Showcase to help relieve the stress of putting on such a large show. The ASPIRE 5 classes will finish organizing and how to produce these shows. It will be a great experience in committee work and large group collaboration.

Once again due to the number of ASPIRE students and space available, the showcase is for our ASPIRE students only and will be held in the afternoon after the 5th grade/faculty softball game.

ASPIRE Family Swim Party

Come Celebrate Another Wonderful School Year at the 3rd Annual K-5th ASPIRE Academy Family Swim Party!

Plan to be there? Be sure to send in your registration form and pre-payment by Wednesday, May 25th.

Bedford Splash Waterpark and Pool

2801 Forest Ridge Dr., Bedford TX

Friday, June 3rd from 7:30pm-9:30pm

We do need your help! Please volunteer supplies and/or a little of your time at: