Brandon Mullins


Brandon Mullins:

My role model is Brandon Mullins because he was a great lacrosse player winning 3 state championships with Coppell high school.He accepted a full scholarship to the University of Syracuse.He is an amazing athlete he got full scholarships for football and full scholarships for lacrosse but turned down football to play the sport he loves which is lacrosse.

To me he is a leader because at Coppell high school he was named captain as a sophomore.

He was a 2 time all state selection and was an amazing player because he gave 100% effort 24/7 and is just an outstanding athlete to me.

In high school he had picked up 66 ground balls and also had 12 assists all in his senior year.He ranked
38th overall in the country of defensivemen and is a great defensive player.

My inspirational person is Brandon mullins because he is an amazing lacrosse player and hes not like other inspirational people he is humble and is a christian and there is a lot of cool and good things about him.