Hawk Happenings

Staff and Partner Bulletin April 4, 2016

This Week at REA

The Week in the REA Community .

Monday, April 4, 2016 (A Day)

8:30-9:25- Hunter in Orange Pod First Floor

3:30-Science Interviews

7:00 East End Community Meeting LeBlond

Tuesday, April 5, 2016 (B Day)

8:30-9:25 - Hunter in the Orange Pod Second Floor

2:00 Reading with the Principal

4:30 Leadership Scholars

After School 2nd and 3rd Cooking Club

Wednesday, April 6, 2016 (A Day)

7:45- ILT Makeup Meeting- Library

Optioning Begins

8:30-9:25—Hunter in Green Pod Second Floor

Data Meetings as planned

4:00 Myers out of the building Meeting

After School K-1st Cooking Club -4th-8th Goal Getter Character Club

Thursday, April 7, 2016 (A DAY)

8:15 Special Ed Meeting

9:00- State Visit for 21st Century Grant- all Elementary and Primary teachers need to be in the cafeteria at 9:00.

8:30-9:25—Hunter in Blue/Yellow Pod Second Floor

4:00 Lead Teacher Meeting

After School -4th-8th Cooking Club-2nd-3rd Civic Garden Club -Whiz Kids Tutoring

Whiz Kids

Friday, March 25, 2016 (B Day)

Team Meetings

12:00 Myers and Dearwester out of Building

Movie Night: Goosebumps

Looking Ahead At REA

Next Week:

Week of April 11th

Monday: Optioning Continues

Tuesday: 7:55 Staff Meeting

Tuesday: 2:00 Reading with the Principal- Grade 1

Tuesday: 5:30- Leadership Scholars

Wednesday: 7:45 ILT

Wednesday: Data Meetings

Wednesday: Optioning

Wednesday: Admin Meeting 4:00

Thursday: Myers and Dohme out of building Advanced Ed conference

Thursday: Evan's Story 6:00

Friday: Optioning

Friday: 2:00 Myers out of building

Friday: Team Meetings

State Visit 21st Century Grant- April 7th

Save the date. They will be reviewing our tutoring program and our morning literacy. At 9:00, we need all elementary staff in the cafeteria assisting with morning literacy. Please be present at that time.

Preparing for testing and computers NEW

  • ON WEDNESDAY AT 1:52- We are going to test the network. Every student in Grades 3-11 needs to log into a computer and go to the following websites:
  • http://oh.portal.airast.org/ocba/
  • LOG INTO STUDENT FOR YOUR STUDENTS, NEXT, STUDENT PRACTICE SITE, NEXT SIGN IN.- Students should get to a place that looks like this.
  • Please have students 10 practice questions.
  • Please also log into the site yourself to see the teacher part.
  • Hunter will be sending something out to report problems. Administration will be around to see what the needs are.
  • Ms. Bohmer has sent everyone a survey about computers. Please be sure that you are answering the survey so that we can properly plan for testing.
  • Tentatively, we will be testing on April 13 and 14 for ELA. The rest of the testing calendar will be out by next Monday including the optioning schedule. We are trying to shut the building down and test. That is our goal. We will post more info about Math and Science and Social Studies, but we all know the most important subject already has a plan:).
  • Please note, we are trying to plan ahead, but if we notice a challenge, we will deal with it and try to right course as quickly as possible. Our norm of being a solution maker not a problem causer would be helpful during this time.
  • We are planning an assembly with the students on April 12th. Please note, more information will follow.

Please get your orders in ASAP. Cut off is soon.


We are going to option right after Spring Break. We do not want to run into testing. Please be sure to complete the teacher recs. We are trying to get these two things done before testing. Please be sure to meet the timelines set. We need the recs by March 25 if possible.

Operation Hawk and Passes

We need your help. Students need passes or planners when they are out of the classroom for any reason. We are going to start Operation Hawks in the middle of bells. Please do not send students out unless they have a pass. Students DO NOT need to leave seventh bell to return their computers prior to the bell. Please help.

Links to Staff Meeting information

Please use the links below to the staff meeting to review what was discussed. The PD Committee is recruiting staff members who have tried some of the strategies we discussed throughout the year and to present what might have been learned, Please consider accepting the challenge. Anyone is welcome to present.



Advisory Update NEW

If your class got bumped out of taking the survey, please use advisory time to take it. The suggestion is that 7-8 take it on Friday, 9-10 take it when we return- Tuesday the 5 and 11/12 take it on the 8th. If you have already done so, thank you so much.

THIS IS THE LINK. Students also got a copy of it in email.


All students 7-12 should take the survey. The survey counter will determine which students have taken the survey. Please be sure to review this with your students.

We are working on how to get the elementary students to take the survey. Thank you for getting this done.

SLO and evaluation - Upcoming Due Dates

March 11- Interval of Instruction Ends for your SLO.

April 15- SLO Scoring Template due-See Google Classroom to attach-Most people must hand in two completed scoring templates

April 20- Cycle two ends

April 25- SGM Entered and Principal Verifies

Evan's Story

Thursday, April 14th, 6pm

3555 Kellogg Avenue

Cincinnati, OH

We have an opportunity to have an expert present at our school to our parents about Suicide Awareness and Prevention. Officer Stevenson has arranged this presentation. We will be sending a flyer home to all students in grades 7-12.

Please see the attached link to the flyer being sent home.


Please help with uniform enforcement, and the small things to help us avoid the big things :)

Professional Development Opportunities

Upcoming Mayerson Classes from the PD Committee:

Co-teaching Roundtable: Interested in learning about co-teaching. Here are some dates to keep in mind:

4/13/16: Data Collection

5/11/16: Becoming a Co-Teaching Model in Your Building