Tech Tuesday

March 1, 2016

Class Dojo

This is a student behavior tracking app. You can use this with your computer, tablet or mobile device. You can award positive and negative behavior points with the push of a button and customize the behaviors to your needs. You can also share your class with another teacher so, for example, when students go to special class the teachers there can add behavior points based on student performance in their room. Parents can also log in and see their child's progress for the day. When you register it will show you other teachers using the program at your school and allow you to invite others to join in the fun. Watch the video below for more information and then click here to get started.
ClassDojo: Teach what matters most.

Quick Rubric

Quick Rubric is a free online tool for writing, editing, and printing rubrics. Simply fill in the blanks, save to your free account, and you've accomplished your task. Their site has some great tips on writing a strong rubric. Check out the resource by clicking here.
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I heard about this one through a newsletter I receive. I will admit that I haven't used it yet, but I watched the video below and I think it looks awesome. This is a free online service that creates "blended worksheets." What it actually does is gives you a way to create a multimedia online "worksheet" that includes a variety of question types and can provide immediate feedback to the students. It also has a feature to allow you to link your worksheet directly to your Google Classroom. If you're not using Google Classroom you can get a link to give the students. There is also a collection of community worksheets that you can browse. Check out the video below, or click here to go to the site.
How to make a Wizer Worksheet