Mason County!

"Gem of the Hill Country" By: Samantha Beck


Mason Texas is filled with rich history and culture and is a very special and unique county. There are many beautiful sites in Mason with Bluebonnets on hillsides and valleys they call it "Gem of the Hill Country". Mason is in central Texas and known for fishing, camping, and hunting. Mason is a beautiful place to live.


Mason Square Museum:

The Museum is full of interesting facts and exhibits. You can see things like the largest light blue topaz in North America, the state gem of Texas only found in Mason. You can also see the reenactments of the "Hoo Doo War".

Fort Mason:
During the Civil War more generals were stationed at Fort Mason then any other pre-war post. Used by the Confederate States more than 200 soldiers were stationed there at a time. Some of the original fort is still standing but the rest was rebuilt.
M. Beven Eckert Memorial Library

The Library is the site of an exhibit dedicated to a famous author in the county, the author of "Old Yeller", Fred Gipson. The Library is filled with books, magazines and areas that highlight the famous authors of the county.