Fantastic Fourth Grade

Week of April 20th

Important Reminders

  • Choir Monday at 3:00.
  • Math STAAR test Tuesday.
  • Reading STAAR test Wednesday.
  • Birthday Celebration Thursday at 12:30.
  • Austin field trip permission slip due Friday.

STAAR Math and Reading

  • Make sure they get a good night sleep.
  • Give them a good breakfast.
  • We have snacks for them, but they can bring ones from home.
  • Please remind them to bring a book to read. They cnannot use their devices to read on when they finish the test.
  • All cell phones will be turned off and collected before the test and given back at the end of the day. It may be easiest if they leave all devices at home for the two days.
  • In case the classroom gets cold please remind your student to bring a jacket.

Remind them it is just a test, no reason to stress. They will do great!


This week in math we will review. We will end the week with the movie Space Jam to reward their hard work.

STAAR Camp was a Blast!

If you have any questions or concerns please call or email.