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Getting Help

With Robertini here this year I have been asked when it is appropriate to call him and when me. The easiest way to break this down is to email me with questions about using the Chromebooks, iPads, or your Macbook in your classroom. If something is wrong with any of those devices, they aren't working well, email

Microsoft Word

Going completely Google is hard, especially when we create our own materials. Here are some MS Word tips to increase your productivity.

Command + K- inserts hyperlink

Double Click a word to highlight it

Command + Click highlights a sentence

Triple Click to highlight a paragraph

Right Click on word to find its synonyms

Command+ Shift + > increases the font size

Command+ Shift + < decreases the font size

Hold down Command while pressing Delete and you can erase entire words at a time.

It takes a few steps but you only have to do it once to can change the default font: step-by-step instructions

Make your own Auto-Correct Rules in the Word-->Preferences Menu

Cool Websites

Storyberries- free stories for kids- works in oPads and Chromebooks

My Simple Show- mentioned above

Smithsonian Juniors News- arranged by Lexile (Like Newsela)

KidLitTv- videos to explore Children's book (for teachers as it sources YouTube)

BatCon- bat resources