Industrial Revolution

By Jairo Uribe

What is the Industrial Revolution and how did it start? (Cause and Effect)

The Industrial revolution is a Era in which Business and Inventions developed or upgraded. The industrial Revolution started when new machinery were being invented such as the spinning machine which allowed more efficient production in cotton but was cheaper to use rather then working at your home. The first industry to be industrialized was the textile industry which demanded more money from the merchant which made them compete with each other to get the supplies, they used machinery because it was cheaper then working at home. Due to the Industrial Revolution many places that industrialized were becoming filthy such as the city/town of Manchester in England, the town had most people evacuated due to cholera and the water source (Irk river) being contaminated with animal organs and trash causing the river to become stagnates.

How did the industrial revolution change the way life used to be? (change and continuity)

The industrial revolution changed many industries economic value and this all started in the 1800s. During the time of the industrial revolution many workers were being mistreated, such as having to work at least a 12 hour shift, only getting a one hour break for dinner, and couldn't talk or move from the current working positions. That is not the worst part, towns were becoming more and more filthy and the people who lived their were dieing left and right. The owners of factories and small establishments were benefited the most from the industrial revolution because of all the new machinery becoming of use and how cheap it is to use them and the workers, the workers benefited the worst because of the upgraded and low use of some workers. Sadly this went on for another 100 years and the industrial revolution ended in the 1900s.

What were some of the major turning points in the industrial revolution? (turning points)

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How did the industrial revolution affect everyday life?

The industrial revolution changed everyday life by providing enough jobs for people to do instead of farming. Since the revolution started, the number of farming went down to 20% instead of 80%. Which means the 20% has to make food for the 80% to eat and survive in the revolution. That also means more money for the 20% because they can offer a higher demand. The lower side is that since the revolution happened more people are being mistreated by being given harsh conditions and not paid enough for their work. The industrial revolution was a great Era that provided us a step forward into the future but had its ups and downs on everyday people.

How does the industrial revolution relate to the modern day? (using the past)

The industrial revolution is still related to this day because most power plants and electricity is powered by a steam engine which was invented during the revolution. Also another form of relativity is to make cloth most factories still use a spinning machines just upgraded with new technology. The last way the revolution has still related to this day is the farming is still happening in the modern generation.