Genius Project

2nd Semester Project for Mrs. Danner's Science Class

What's the Genius Project?

Also called 20% time or Genius Hour...the concept has been embraced by innovative companies such as Google in recent memory and 3M as far back as the 1950's. So it's not a NEW idea but it is new to the world of education!

Essentially YOU, the student, pick a topic that's of interest to you and you reserach about it. Sometimes you end up buidling something, sometimes you create something, sometimes you just end up sharing your information with others. 3M created sticky notes! Where would teachers be without those wonderful things?? Google used it to create gmail...YAY!

When it's a project of YOUR choosing, about something YOU are interested in, and the only limit is YOUR own mind!

2nd Semester will mark the kick off of our projects!

Much like a movie premier has a big red carpet event to begin the showing in the theaters....That night is not the beginning of that movie. The idea started WAY WAY WAY before the red carpet. So what we will begin doing is collecting our ideas...what interests us, what questions do you have in your head that just don't have an answer in class.

Why do we do this? Because learning happens everywhere and anytime!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't you just tell me what I have to do?

Because this is YOUR learning! When you choose, you are more engaged! Ask the science and reserach guys who study that sort of stuff. They will tell you th exact same thing!

So if this is 2nd semester stuff what are you telling me now?

Do you think a blockbuster movie idea happened the same day they started filming? Not a chance! When you listen to that voice in your head say..."I wonder.." or "How does that work?" or my personal favorite... "Well what about this??" WRITE THEM DOWN! Good questions, bad questions, questions you think are silly.....WRITE THEM ALL DOWN! You will receive a document from me in Goggle Classroom where you will be writing down all those little voice thoughts. However, let's clarify....we are not listening to the little voice that has inappropriate thoughts/comments for school. Your questions sheet will be turned into me every two weeks throughout 1st semester to make sure you are thinking and getting good ideas.

You mean I can do ANYTHING??

Almost....Since other teachers could do something like this let's be sure we have enough ideas to go around. So, for our Genius Project I would like you to tie it into science. And if you really think about it, you can tie most everything into science.

20% class time in two minutes
Don't call it a classroom: Kevin Brookhouser at TEDxMonterey