India Civilization


Introduction Paragraph

Ancient India had many great innovations, leaders, and a lifestyle based off their religion. Rulers had the rights to decide their empires religion. The leaders throughout the years in India would invent new ways for their religion to live. For example, the main religion was Buddhism so, leaders would build temples for them. This is how India was the best civilization.

Big Ideas

Question: How did religion control or influence their lives?

Answer: The religion in India controlled and influence their lives because Buddhist went to temples, they embraced in a peaceful and nonviolent, vegetarian lifestyle. Another thing that influenced their lives was that they had the choice to become Buddhist monks. The Buddhist monks spread the religion both within, and outside of their Empire.

Question: How does our modern world reflect the innovations of classical civilizations?

Answer: Our modern world reflect the innovations of classical India in different ways. The Gupta science, mathematics, and medicine started the advances we have today. For example, the Gupta doctors realized the importance of cleanliness of open wounds and surgery, knew how to set broken bones, do plastic surgery, perform cesarean sections, and diagnose and treat many ailments. The Western world did not know this until the modern era. A different example is the use of ‘Arabic’ numerals led to the development of calculations and other math advances.

India Religion By: Kathryn Swatek

The Inventors: Alexandra Tom

War and Battles: Matt Litchult

India Art: Mason Mamola

Mamola,Swatek,Keith,Tom,Litchult, India Art

India's Leaders: Jason Keith

Keith-India's Leaders


The India civilization was filled with intelligent inventors, and great leaders that influenced their empire into a new lifestyle based off religion. Their religion was Buddhism. Buddhism was apart of their everyday lifestyle because they went to temples, were vegetarian, and were nonviolent. Some of their great leaders were Ashoka the Great, Chandra Gupta, and Samundragupta. Ashoka the Great influenced their lifestyle based off religion. Chandra Gupta was the founder of the Gupta Empire. In Conclusion, the India civilization was a great, and well run empire.