By Rebecca Kench

How Earthquakes happen

Earthquakes are very interesting.You may not know it but there are Tectonic plates right under us.When the plates shift they break and that causes an earthquake.The earth will start shaking and it breaks a lot of things. The Richter Scale calculates how big an earthquake is. There was one in Alaska that measured 9.2.

Getting prepared for an earthquake

If you live in an area that experiences earthquakes you should follow these steps.

  • Prepare a plan of contingency for your family, home and workplace.
  • Be prepared to provide first aid.
  • Remove heavy objects from high places.

Earthquakes are better than Floods and Volcanos

Floods can completely drown you and your house and buildings can stay put in Earthquakes but buildings can't stay put in Floods. Volcanoes have hot lava that can kill you if you get to close.

Live in Alaska or California!

California or Alaska are great places to live because Earthquakes happen there and they are the safest.California has great weather and beautiful oceans to swim in. Alaska is farther down north but still a great place to live in.
What is an Earthquake? Facts & Information | Mocomi Kids

About Earthquakes

Earthquakes may be big and scary,but, most earthquakes aren't like that. There could be a tiny earthquake happening right now and you don't feel it at all. Small ones measure about 2 or less on a Richter scale.In conclusion earthquakes are interesting things that rarely happen.If you are looking for a house California or Alaska is the best choice. Not where volcanoes or floods happen, where earthquakes happen because they are the safest.