Snowshoe Hares on Thin Ice

Will global warming erase the Snowshoe Hares?

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What is climate change?

In the past 130 years the temperature has risen because of co2 emissions increasing due to burning coal and natural gasses. The co2 absorbs the heat reflected from the earths surface then the co2 releases the heat into the atmosphere. All though co2 was not made and has been around forever the dramatic increase from car emissions and burning coal is what made the good levels of co2 become problematic.

What are the results of climate change?

The results are large and will be seen every where around the world. There will be a lot more heat waves and droughts do to the temperatures rising. Also because of the heat the growing season will become bigger because there is less winter. Not only will there be more heat and dryness but there will also be massive rainfall and raising oceans. Hurricanes will become larger and stronger and finally the arctics will disappear.

Snowshoe Hare

The Snowshoe Hare is a forest dweller that likes thick shrubs in Northern America. The farthest South the Snowshoe Hare can be found is Virginia. Even though from its name you would guess that this hare is white but in truth the whit is only used in winter as camouflage in the cold snows. In the summer this cute rabbit like creature turns a soft brown to adapt to its environment. It takes about 10 weeks for the Snowshoe Hare to change its fur color. Snowshoe Hares like to feed at night. Hares and rabbits are herbivores which mean they only eat plants. They live for about a year, sometimes less.

How is Global Warrming Afftecting the Hares?

Because of the change in heat, winters are shorter or even nonexistent. Leaving the white Snowshoe Hares in a brown world. The population is dropping every year due to the visibility of the hares. To help these cute little creatures you can stop driving everywhere, walk, bike, and even carpool. Not only will it help the Snowshoe Hares it will also help animals all around the world and you!
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Maggie Wikander