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June Melaleuca Newsletter from Mary Ann

Happy June to all my wonderful people I share Melaleuca with.

Just a reminder that if you make your order by June 20th this month you will receive 15% in loyalty dollars and by the end 10%. I usually go put items I run out of and know I need in my cart when I think of them. By the end of the month I have the points I need and then some in my cart. Makes my shopping easy and fun.

This May Melaleuca announced their new line of Essential Oils and two carriers. Check them out on your web page, they are amazing and very reasonable. We also added a Bug Spray that has no Deet in it and it works great for those evenings when the no see ums. 2 pack Fiber Wise and our new Metabolic Peak Performance Vitamins.

Remember I am only a phone call away if you have any questions.

Mary Ann at 541 905-3829

Have a fabulous Summer and Enjoy