Web Sites for Getting Help

Websites that can be Helpful in Stopping Addiction

Web Sites

Web sites can be a helpful tool when it comes to addiction. They provide tips and resources that take you to the place that you need to go to get help. Not only that, there are even booklets online that are used to help people who are alcoholics and drug abusers. Addiction is very serious and can affect many people in their lifetime, it is estimated that 15,000 men and about 7,000 women have overdosed on prescription drugs in last year alone. Alcohol has been a factor in three leading causes of death among teens who are 15 to 24 years old in accidents, homicides and suicides.

Certain websites can be very helpful in finding the right help you need. One website being SAMHSA, this is a website where you can type in where you are located and it will find the nearest treatment center for you. Web sites like these are very important for trying to stop substance abuse such as addiction and recovery.org. This web site is different from the others because it gives you recovery groups you could attend and also provides online self help forums.

Resources Below

Suicide Prevention

Go to the website to receive help from people who are trained to get someone through suicidal thoughts.


This website is for working with substance abusers among adolescents by supporting families and engaging with teens.

Drug and Alcohol Information Center

This web site is there to help provide as much information as possible about drug and alcohol abuse with a list of some of some of the best rehab facilities in the country.