Montessori School House

May Reminders

  • Friday, May 1st Camp Registration Closed.
  • Monday, May 4th-Friday, May 8th is Teacher Appreciation Week. Tuesday, May 5th remember to bring your flowers. Wednesday, May 6th remember your card or craft.
  • Friday, May 8th is Memories with Mom from 2-3 p.m.
  • Thursday, May 28th is the Last Day of School.
  • Thursday, May 28th is the Primary I and II Moving up Ceremony from 10:30-11:30 am. All children are invited to attend. Please RSVP in the office so we may have a head count for this event.
  • End of the year reports will be distributed on Wednesday, May 27th.
  • Please remember to send in SUNSCREEN!!!!

Montessori Prep

We have had a busy month! The children have finally established a routine and all of them are easily following it. This is really amazing at such a young age. They are all excited for snack and circle time which includes singing the good morning song in both Spanish and English and a few other songs. We have been enjoying the outdoors more often whenever the weather permits with some play time and walks with the Pre-Primary class. Just a reminder, please bring sippy cups so we can introduce them at lunch and snack time.
Reid loves the "CuCu Cantaba La Rana" song in Spanish and sings "CuCu" and "Hola" from the good morning song.
Eloise is taking a few steps on her own and loves to sit down and read books. She is even forcing us to be more careful because she loves to climb everywhere!
Ryan is very vocal and loves to imitate sounds and tries to speak. He is always so happy and has a smile wherever he goes.
Hailey has been taking a few steps by herself and knows what she likes to do. One of her favorites things is going outside.
Sebastian is crawling everywhere and attempts to grab toys. He loves to go outside.

Pre Primary

It's hard to believe our last day of school is May 28th! The Pre Primary class has really grown, showing their independence, using their manners and completing their work cycle! The children are great with the routine of the room and helping each other. It is wonderful watching them grow as they help each other open snack, help friends find their coats, get a friend a tissue and give hugs when someone is sad.

During work time we have been busy with sorting by color and objects, doing letter and shape matching and strengthening our pre-writing skills by transferring objects with little tongs, pouring, and using a battery powered screwdriver which requires a good amount of hand coordination.
During the month of April we were fortunate to have Mrs. Ruppert (Miranda's Mom) come and teach the children about Earth Day. The class went on a scavenger hunt for rocks, shells,flower buds and many other items that come from Earth! We then enjoyed eating the fruit we found. Yum! Thank you Mrs. Ruppert for coming in to share with us. Ms. Ruth also made "dirt" for our class to enjoy, the children especially enjoyed the gummy worms in their yummy treat. Thanks Ms. Ruth and Rachel.

During the month we talked about the earth and extended it into our art area and most of our art projects were made from numerous recycled materials. We also enjoyed making tissue paper earths and finger painted ones. Please feel free to stop in and see our artwork!

May is sure to bring a lot of sunshine and flowers. We will be focusing on discussions of the weather, especially the sun as we talk about being safe outside with sunscreen and lots of water. We will also be painting suns, decorating sunglasses and making rainbows.
The children have really enjoyed digging in the dirt ( potting soil) and planting pretend flowers as we prepare for the real thing. This month we will be growing seeds, planting flowers and discussing why the sun is so important for a flower to grow.

Don't forget about our Mothers Day ice cream social on Friday May 8th from 2-3. The children are excited about the special project the are working on and can't wait to give it to their moms :)
Also, our Emma "bean" will be turning 2 on May 24th! Happy Birthday Emma!

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Primary I

“Time flies when you are having fun”. That is the truth. This year has flown by so fast and it has been packed with so much fun. I have seen transformations in all the children in Primary 1. All the students entered the room being a little shy, timid, yet curious. Now at the end of the year we have little learners who have spent time growing academically, independently, and becoming more self-confident. We have made our way through the entire alphabet using work on our “Sound of the Week” shelf and practicing skills with the Montessori materials. We used cards and counters, symbol/quantity activities, and golden bead materials help us travel from recognizing the numeral one all the way to the 100 board and beyond. Sensory explorations helped us learn the concepts of rough/smooth, hard/soft, heavy/light, visual-discrimination, colors, sounds, and geometry. Science and culture were also part of the classroom with many activities including research and representation. My list could go on and on, but I will try and keep it short but sweet. This year the children in Primary I have soaked up input, information, and knowledge that is just waiting to be shared this summer with family, friends, and extended families. I hope they have the time this summer to share with you stories, experiences, and fond memories of the classroom and school year. I know my days and time spent with them will always remain with me and remind me of the joy we shared. I hope they remain life long learners and carry their curiosity, willingness to learn, and energetic spirits with them always to “Infinity and Beyond”.

Primary II

Can you believe we are in our last month of school??? It has been an amazing year watching each of these children blossom into independent hard working individuals.

Over the past month in math we have been focusing on money. The children continue to work on mastering the names and values of coins. They have moved into counting mixed groups of coins to find a value. Next week we will start to pay for items in the room and snack.

In language the class has been working on blends and digraphs blends. Many of them have picked up this concept easily and are pros. We continue to work on writing sentences. Each child is working on being able to write at least two sentences when we have a writing prompt.

In Science we have been focusing on the parts of a flower. The children have created their own parts of a flower booklet. We also planted seeds and are patiently waiting for them to grow. We learned that all flowers and plants need water and sunshine to grow.

During our last month of school we will be finishing up our final math, language, and character education lessons. We will also be preparing for Memories with Mom and the Moving Up Ceremony. All end of the year reports will be distributed the last week of school.

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