AVPA Updates

An artist's journey is never finished...

Dear AVPA Students and Families,

Shout out to the Visual Art cohort for having their 1st visiting artist! We also would like to thank Hannes Dietrich of Lebanon Valley College for collaborating with our Instrumental Cohorts!

We know that virtual learning is difficult, and we want to encourage you to keep yourself organized with a planner or digital calendar. As always, if you need anything, please reach out to us. We are here to support you.

Here's to a great week,

Mrs. Lorek & Mrs. Robertson

Upcoming AVPA Seminars for Friday 12/4

Cohorts that have Visiting Artist presentations have expected attendance. If you do not have a Visiting Artist, and you have a conflict with your cohort seminar, contact your AVPA instructor.

Visual Arts:

9th & 10th Grade Cohort 10:00-11:00am VISITING ARTIST Seminar #2 https://meet.google.com/hbn-nvjm-qob

Zero Pd VA Capstone Class: 11:30-12noon (RobertsonAVPA)

11th/12th Grade Cohort: 1:00-2:00pm (RobertsonAP)

Performing Arts:

Zero Pd. PA Capstone Class: 11:00-11:30am (CHSsmlorekAVPA)

Band Cohort: 11:30-12noon (CHSmnordilleAVPA)

Orchestra Cohort: 11:30-12noon (CHSamkarnbachAVPA)

Theatre Cohort: 11:30-12noon (CHSbpmaherAVPA)

Vocal Cohort: 11:30-12noon VISITING ARTIST Seminar code: https://meet.google.com/gyn-vnbb-mxb)

Vocal Cohort will have their 1st Visiting Artist! 12/4

Kyle Medeiros, former Chopticon grad and Peace Piper alumn, is the Senior Director of Member Services for the American Camp Association, New York and New Jersey. In this role, he is able to merge his passions of youth development and support with organizational development and growth. Using his degree in both Music and Business, he is able to find creative alternatives to traditional operating strategies that allow for new ideas and processes to form. Being in camping for most of his life, he believes in the power of community and works to bring groups and people closer together by identifying shared experiences and goals. Community organizing is something that truly brings him joy. In past careers, he has worked to bring multicultural arts and education into areas which receive minimal support. Kyle is a singing member of the New York City Gay Men's Chorus, he serves as the Treasurer for the Young Nonprofit Network of New York City, and is the recipient of the 2018 New York City Young Nonprofiteer of the Year Award. Kyle, and his dog Lucky, are proud residents of Astoria, Queens.

Zero Period Capstone Cohort

Visual Arts:

Dec 4-Submit rough draft of artist statement

Dec 18- SUbmit Final Artist Statement

Dec 18- Submission of 10 Capstone pieces (Images should be cropped and submitted as though they are ready for the gallery)

Performing Arts:

November 23

--All: Progress check on all performance material

Submit to Schoology

Performance Rubric

--Non-Majors: Final draft of presentation

Submit to Schoology

Presentation Rubric

In case you missed it...

9th & 10th Grade Visual Art will have their first VISITING ARTIST!

Meet Polly Lange, your Visiting Artist for MP2. Ms. Lange, is an oil painter who lives in Leonardtown Maryland and displays her work at the North End Gallery. She is excited to share her passion for creating artwork. Together, we will be creating our own still life with acrylics. For these next AVPA sessions she will be guiding you through a painting project where you will create a still life using objects in your home. You will need paper, a pencil, and objects to set up a basic still life at your home. In a couple of weeks paint supplies will be delivered to you so you can turn a still life drawing into a beautiful still life painting!


Remind 101--sent as notification to parents and students about upcoming events. If you're already in the app, just add the following classes that apply to you. If you're not in the app, text the info below to the number 81010.

AVPA “Everyone” @avpachs

AVPA “Art” @avpava

AVPA “Music” @febdgc

AVPA “Theatre” @bf4f33

Need to reach us?

Mrs. McDaniel (Administrator for AVPA) samcdaniel@smcps.org

Mrs. Lorek (PA Lead Teacher) smlorek@smcps.org

M-Th Office Hours: 8th period (email to schedule)

Google meet nickname CHSsmlorekAVPA

Mrs. Robertson (VA Lead Teacher) lmrobertson@smcps.org

F Office Hours: 10-11am (email to schedule)

Google meet nickname CHSlmrobertson