Shatter Shield's Pet Care

Rusti Bassett

Shatter Shield's Pet Care

We, Shatter Shield's Pet Care, commit ourselves to helping the animals in our community. Join us on September 24, 2015, we will kick off the year with a Grand Opening. We will have employees that will wash your dog for free, we will have a contest to see who is a good drawer, the second place winner gets a free training lesson, and we will let the grand prize cut the ribbon, and we will serve burger's and fries.

We're here for your pet in between adventures

Our Goals

Shutter Shield's Pet Care is looking forward to all kinds of pets. To sick, injured, or just training. We as a team will have affordable prices for everyone, we will have sweet deals to offer to everyone, and with special classes you could learn how to train your animals.

Come To Our Shop!

We take care of all kinds of animals, from small to large. Shatter Shield Pet Care commits all their hours just to help your pets.

Shatter Shield's Pet Care Hours:

Monday-Saturday: 8:00am-8:00pm

Sunday's- Closed