Carolina Northern Flying Squirrel

One of the endangered species of North Carolina

A little bit about the Carolina Northern Flying Squirrel

The Glaucomys sabrinus, more commonly known as as the Carolina Northern Flying Squirrel, is on the list of the endangered species for North Carolina. This cute little squirrel has the unique ability to "fly". It cannot literally fly but it can open up it's arms and sky dive from high places to other high places thanks to the flaps of skin that connect its arms to its body turning it into a little hang-glider. It is found in West North Carolina, so in the Mountain region of North Carolina.

This species is endangered because the species is limited and spread out so they are left vulnerable to humans and nature. Humans cause habitat destruction which leaves them without a home and the ability to jump and fly off high trees. Humans have also introduced new exotic pests which have gone and taken many of the Carolina Northern Flying Squirrels. Plus, with pollution on top of that, their species is diminishing rapidly.

Some things that are being done to protect them are the stopping of forest destruction and the harvesting of trees from forests where they live. Also, people are now being stopped from bringing foreign animals into the states so they don't end up eating all the native animals.