Wifi Charger

Awnna,8th,14,make it eaier to charge your device

Together we can chang the way we charge our devices

Wifi charger

The wifi charger makes it easier to charge your device . All you have to do is be able to connect to the wifi in the area place that you are in. Just click the charge your device option put inthe type of device you have and in minutes your charging your device. The wifi charger stops you from having to deal with stupid plugs and outages .

Who will but and why

My product will be popular among all ages . My costumers need to be able to charge there device everywhere they go . You now hiw hard it is when your phone is dead and you at a restaurant but if all you have to do is hook your device up too the wifi WAY easier . My competition is mostly apple trying to create new devices that they will think will be better than ours, but what makes us different is that a device like this has never been created but is cery much needed we are giving the public something they really need . This product will also save electricity and definetly be green were killing two birds in with one stone . This product will be very popular so our price is not too much but we will give you 45 percent of our profits all for the price of 5million dollars .
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When life gives you wifi use your wifi charger duh