CYT Winter Classes

Beginning November 26th--Sign up Today!!!

Auditions for Pridelands

Start working on that roar! Signing up for Winter classes means that you are eligible to audition for what is sure to be a fantastic winter production of Pridelands--the story of a young lion named Duma who must learn what it means to be the King of the Pride. If you love the Lion King, you will love this show! Auditions: January 7, 8, & 9. Be there!


Don't forget--when you invite a new friend to CYT and they register for classes, you save $15 per student on your registration. It pays to spread the word!

New Classes Available!!!

Check out our NEW Class Offerings!

VOICE 3 MASTER CLASS - Ever wanted to take voice lessons but passed on the opportunity? This class is designed to teach specific vocal techniques that will mold you into a more seasoned soloist while giving you the unique opportunity to get feedback from the instructor and your classmates!

FRINGE SCRIPTWRITING - Venture into uncharted CYT waters with this new, exciting class offering! Students will come up with an inventive idea for a script that is “Indy Fringe” worthy, write the script and act it out! Scripts that are truly polished could even make their debut on a CYT stage!

VOICE 3 VOCAL JAZZ - Do you know what it means to "scat" (vocally that is!!)? Do you love

stretching yourself by learning to sing different styles of music? Then this is the class for you!

Learn to distinguish the specifics of this style as it relates to: lyrics used, mood, articulation,

style, dynamics, structure of song, storyline and learn to make your performance exciting to an

audience by developing stage presence.

DRAMA 3 - CHEKHOV TECHNIQUES - Chekhov taught how to use physical movement and

gestures to deepen an actor’s emotional connection to a character. So if you are and experienced actor ready to become a more believable actor or actress, sign up now!


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