Instructional Coach Weekly Update

Week of February 6 - 10

Strategy Spotlight


I've seen and heard so much more talk around rubrics over the past week or so! I've heard wonderful conversations and staff asking great questions!

It's been exciting seeing one grade level really digging into They have shared with me some of the ways it could potentially work really well in their classrooms. We also know there may be some potential barriers as they move forward.

I've seen several rubrics down in the copy room that were not shared at our learning meeting on rubrics which makes me believe that some of you see some real value in the use of rubrics in the classroom and have created new ones since those meetings!

If you see value in these but would like some additional support in this area, please let me know!

I plan on making hard copies of all of the rubrics that were shared at our Friday learning meeting two weeks ago. If anyone does not want their rubric shared out with the rest of the staff please let me know by this FRIDAY. I will also try and get a google folder together where we can all drop in rubrics so other teachers can have access to them.

This week


  • All day - I will be helping transition our new sp. ed. teacher to her role
  • 10:15 - Visible Learning lesson in a 4th grade classroom
  • 10:55 - Modeling a phrase cued reading lesson in 5th grade SGR
  • 12:30 - LCI pre/post meeting
  • All day Instructional Coach PD - GWAEA


  • All day Instructional Coach PD - GWAEA


  • 8:40 - 3rd grade intervention meeting
  • 10:10 - helping in a 3rd grade classroom doing blended
  • 12:10 - writing unit in a 3rd grade classroom
  • 12:55 - model intervention for a special ed teacher
  • 1:40 - visible learning lesson in a 3rd grade classroom
  • 3:30 - 4th grade team planning


  • 7:30 Special education meeting
  • 10:10 - co-teach a writing lesson with a special ed teacher
  • 12:10 - writing unit in a 3rd grade classroom
  • 12:55 - model intervention for a special ed teacher
  • 1:30-3:30 - IC meeting

Notes of Praise

I came across this free resource (see picture below) online and immediately felt like I could have used something like this when I had my own classroom. It's a free printable that you have readily available to fill out and send home with students to provide them with an individualized positive communication home. I always struggled to keep up with individualized communication home after the first couples of weeks of the school year, but I feel something like this would make it a little easier to keep up with throughout the year. If you go to the link, this teacher also shows an easy tracking method she uses to ensure each student gets timely individualized communication home multiple times throughout the year.

I know we have spent some time on weekly classroom communication home in our Friday Learning Meetings, but as a parent myself, I know just how much those individual notes mean to the students and the parents when they come home!

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