Week of May 10-14


This Monday's quote is from author Jon Gordon who wrote the Energy Bus that we used a few years back for an opening activity. As we move toward the end of the year, it's a great reminder to remember the why of what we do. Sometimes when we remember the why, the how is becomes a bit easier.

Collective Commitments: Stage 3

The Monday Quote is a perfect segue into getting back to our Collective Commitments. Based on the results from the last department meeting when you all came to consensus on your top six this is the list of generated collective commitments. The seventh was the most repeated in the other category. If you would like to work on the wording/grammar and how we will publicize (video) our work, please click this link to sign up for the C3: Collective Commitment Committee

  1. We will provide opportunities for students to develop academic and life skills necessary to make responsible choices, develop independence, and act respectfully and collaboratively
  2. We will provide a supportive school atmosphere where everyone feels emotionally, physically, and intellectually safe while acting with integrity, respect, and honesty
  3. We will make sure to be a voice and advocate for students
  4. We will treat each student as I would want myself and/or my own child treated
  5. We will model compassion and enthusiasm everyday to motivate my students
  6. We will provide positive reinforcement; more than redirecting a student, and on a continuous basis to help reinforce appropriate behaviors
  7. We will find and focus on the strengths/positives of my students to build a positive atmosphere for learning

Memorial Day Lessons

This link is from Edutopia and provides resources on infusing Memorial Day into the classroom. If you are going to infuse any Memorial Day activities/lessons, please let me know so I can include it in the principal's report.

Teaching Tip: Self Assessment and Peer Support

In this Teaching Channel Link (below), students assess their own work and then partner up for peer teaching.


See the link below from Alice Keeler on Using Google Sheets for discussion.

Overloads For 15-16

Headed into next year we will again be asking which teachers want to be on the overload list. Over the summer we will work on the expectations for teachers performing overloads. Prior to signing up next year, those expectations will shared. Some of the expectations made include: making the google doc public for transparency, filling out a coverage form to alert the absent colleague of progress made and/or behavior issues, establishing the number of times one can decline before being removed from the overload list, etc.


Please start accessing your GMAIL as the district will be moving away from Outlook and soley using GMAIL before the end of the year. This link is a tutorial on how to use and the features of GMAIL

Personal Best Week May 18-22

Personal Best Week is right around the corner. We look forward to partnering with the POSP in celebrating and appreciating the differences in all of us at the May 18th BOE meeting.

Cartoon Corner

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Co-Teaching and it's effect on 2015-16 schedule

In order to satisfy our implementation of quality co-teaching it is important to understand that co-teachers will need to teach sections on both teams. This is to avoid having one team labeled as the special education team and one labeled the honors team. We are all in agreement this would not be a good practice. To accomplish this ICR co-teaching pairs have to teach a section on each team. In addition, general education teachers will also have to teach a section on both teams, as well. As stated, we can keep the students on one team.

Summative Evaluation Guidelines and Timelines

In following up on the email sent by Mr. Bombardier here is the link for end of year evaluations guidelines. Please note, the Domain 4 end-of-year scoring process is only required if you if are submitting evidence for a change in score(s) from your mid-year Domain 4 evaluation. If you do not wish to submit evidence for a change of score, there is no need to submit additional Domain 4 evidence or complete the Domain 4 questions.


  • May 22 is now a "DAY OFF"
  • There is a new transportation request form for trips. It is on our middle school shared drive. We will work to convert it to a Google Document.
  • Please dont' hesitate to email great happenings from your classroom to include in the principal's report
  • If you are close to completing your SGO don't forget to upload to Teachscape and submit to whomever collected your SGO in the fall.
  • In addition, review your PGP and start filling out your evidence for meeting those goals as well. You can attach your PD hours to this document as well.

Important Upcoming Dates

May 4-June 8: DRA Spring (ELA Teachers)

May 15: SGO's should be completed and scored

May 18-22: Personal Best Week

May 19: Band Concert (6th/7th)

May 20: Band Concert (8th)

May 22: School Closed

May 29: Choral Competition: Music in the Parks

June 4: Choral Concert

June 9 and 11: 6th grade orientation for Lloyd Road 5th graders

June 23: Individual PDPs for 15-16 due


I am proud to be part of the planning of Edcamp Jersey Shore. It will take place on August 28, 2015 at Middletown High School South. More details to come shortly. You can follow on twitter @edcampnjshore