Harry Houdini

Evy Tanner

Houdini: the great escape artist

Ehrich Weiss (more commonly known as Harry Houdini) was born on March 24, 1874 in Budapest, Hungary to Rabbi Samuel and Cecilia (Steiner) Weiss. He was one of six children. When his family immigrated to the United States he was four years old. Ehrich's family was poor. He worked odd jobs to help bring money home. He was always fascinated with illusions. He read every book he could get his hands on about illusions. Ehrich created the stage name of Harry Houdini. He took the name from his idol, the French magician, Robert Hondin. At age 17, he pursed his magic career. He joined the circus where he perfected his tricks. He married Whihelmina Beatrice Rahner (known as Bess) on June 22, 1894. Bess was a big help to Harry with his tricks. He was always trying to find more and more harder illusions to perfect. On October 31, 1926 in Detroit, Michigan he passed away from an injury to the appendix that was untreated. Harry Houdini changed the world of illusions forever.

Houdini's impact on 1920's decade

Harry Houdini changed illusions forever. He was called the greatest escape artist of all time. Everyone knew who he was. "During 1926, nobody knew who was the president or any political figure, but if you ask any child 'who is the greatest magician?' They would all say, 'Harry Houdini'" (Houdini- Unlocking the Mystery). Houdini was a huge audience pleaser.
Houdini - Unlocking the Mystery
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