Year 2 Newsletter

April 2018

Summer Term!

Welcome back and we look forward to the summer term in year 2!

Our Topic

We will be starting our new topic of 'Gateway to the World'.


Our key text this half term is The Night Pirates by Peter Harris. The children will be unpicking the structure of this story and how it all links together. They will then be writing a sequel to the story ensuring that all three parts of their story are detailed and interesting to the reader. In addition to this, the children will be finding out about Roald Dahl and creating a biography.


This half term the children will be consolidating their multiplication facts and the link to division. They will be learning about the inverse and remainders of numbers. We will have a focus on measures - reading to the 5 minute intervals on both an analogue and digital clock and reading scales.


The children will be creating a weather station in geography and observing the weekly changes. In addition to this, they will be looking at world maps and atlases to identify different countries and understanding the weather patterns associated to those countries and the reasons why. In computing the children are becoming detectives! The children will be challenged to solve a mystery by reading, sending and replying to emails which will give them information to complete a table and create a fact file on their culprit.

Dates for your diary

Monday 16th April until Friday 20th April - Healthy week. The children will be taking part of lots of healthy and sporty activities. All children are to wear their school sports (PE) kit every day during that week.

Wednesday 18th April & Thursday 19th April
- Parents Evening

Wednesday 18th April until Wednesday 25th - Book fayre in school

Thursday 19th April
- Academy consultation starts (ends on 14th May)

Monday 30th April - Class Photos

Monday 7th May - Bank Holiday, school closed

Monday 14th May - SATs week - standidised tests for year two children. Please ask your child's class teacher if you require further information.

Friday 25th May - Finish for half term

Please check the calendar for up-to-date calendar dates for the coming half term and beyond. The 'OurSchools' app is also great for getting reminders for diary dates too. You can sign up for that and receive information directly to your phone.

SATs in May

We have added more information from the SATs workshop for you here in the year 2 section of the website.

Useful SATs websites

How can you help?

Practice the spellings sent home and remember to practice the common exception words.

Here are some websites that have online games linked to literacy and maths that your child can play.

Below are some additional activities that you can do to support their learning:


  • Write their own story. Choose a section of the story to edit and improve. Can they improve an adjective they have used? Is there a better way to start their sentence?
  • An exclamation sentence starts with 'what' or 'how' e.g. What big teeth you have Grandma! Can your child think of anymore exclamation sentences? Can they use two in a story?


  • Give your child a two-step maths problem to complete, e.g. Each pack of crayons has 5 crayons inside and there are 6 packs altogether. Tom decides to share the crayons with a friend. How many crayons do they get each?
  • Practise their knowledge time and reading both an analogue clock and a digital clock to five minute intervals.


  • Discuss emails at home and how they are used as a way of communicating with others - can your child have a go at sending an email to a family member or friend?
  • Create a 'Weather Station' at home and discuss what is observed.

About us

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