What to expect...

We expect our employees to be...


You will need to be honest so that the work that you will do is correct.

Hard Working

Stuff needs to get done, you don't get payed to do nothing.

Good Background

We do not employ people that have a criminal background, and do drugs.


  • Well organized so that product isn't sloppy
  • meeting will go smoother
  • things wont get lost


  • we wont except theft
  • stand up for your actions

Work well with others

  • No fights will be allowed
  • problems can be solved in groups
  • need to be able to work well with your coworkers


  • Helps stay on task
  • proud of your work
  • appearance would be nice
  • confident in speaking in large groups

Made By - Abbey G. Lily B. Jaden E. Jacob H. Josie D.