Try this New Flavor!

By: Brielle Fritz

About me

My name is Spice and just like my name, I'm a warm blooded mammal that is spicy and territorial. Watch out! I will use my musk smelling urine as a perfume to patrol my territory. I have strong, curved, and semi retractable, sharp claws that I can use to scratch your back. My excellent climbing skills allow me to climb trees so I can fetch you bamboo, leaves, and fruit for dinner. My long, shaggy tail will keep you nice and warm. In addition the six alternating yellowish, red rings on my tail allow me to stay camouflaged and hidden in the moss and trees. I am sedentary throughout the day so I have the energy later in the afternoon and early evening to mingle and have fun. Don't worry, my reddish-brown fur is slick and clean. I give myself a daily bath by licking my front paws and rubbing my body all over. My friends say I'm quiet, but I will whistle and tweet when I find my proper mate.

About you

I'm in search of a warm blooded male that is nocturnal so we can hunt for fruits and insects and party in the moonlight. I find that a masked face is very attractive, and I enjoy the challenge of unknown mischief! I prefer a mammal that is social amongst others of the same kind and gender so he can show me off to his friends. I am curious and want to explore new environments of mountainous areas or coastal marshes. I am looking for an intelligent male that is clever so can teach me some tricks. Sharp claws are a plus so my fluffy tail can be stroked. I dream of a strong male who has a gentle sense of touch.