NCR Department Newsletter

"High quality exchange experience for NGO & EP impacted"


2 weeks had ended which means the raising period ended as well.

Thanks for all the efforts of cold calling and appointment.

It's time to close the ongoing sales and if the NGOs are still potential, update in Podio and we shall follow up some other time. ;)

Here is the current achievement for raising :

Nov - Dec :

Actual vs Target: 1/4

Congrats to Gino Wong!! (Berkat Children's Home)

Feb - March :

Actual vs Target: 1/4

Congrats to Tan Yi Yin! (YMM Johor)


We have now reached the matching period and it's time for you to get a hands on experience on matching process. As informed by your respective Directors, we have 10 potential EPs from India waiting to be match. Take action now and let's match !!

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Our goal is 100. 42 more to go!! It is possible to achieve by end of this term if all NCRians work hard together :)


IPS 1.0 and 2.0 had succesfully conducted. Hope it brings memorable experience to all of you who involved. For your information, there are few initiatives brings up to servicing team recently :

- EP Feedback on 1st, 3rd and 6th week

- EP Journal and goodies from Tourism Malaysia

- Group chat consist of TN manager, EP, EP buddy and Directors

- AIESEC Gathering 4.0

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It has been 6 months we have work as a team. Let's fight for the last 3 months !!