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Dear students and families,

This week the Social Emotional Learning (SEL) topic we will be covering is Social Awareness. Th past 3 weeks we have covered information on Relationship Skills, Self-Awareness and Decision-Making. Those newsletters can be found at https://flandreauindianeducation.com/distance-learning.

We would like to recognize all our students who have completed or are completing your assignments, and say THANK YOU!! We are proud of all the work you have done and are doing. We understand there have been obstacles that have come up, but we greatly applaud the resilience, fortitude, resolve, and hard work you have put forth during this trying time.

We miss seeing and being with you all, and look forward to when we see each other again.


Kendra, KC, and Mrs. Tantype

Social Awareness

According to Casel, social awareness is the ability to take the perspective of and empathize with others, including those from diverse backgrounds and cultures, and is the ability to understand social and ethical norms for behavior and to recognize family, school, and community resources and supports.

Social awareness encompasses: Perspective-taking, empathy, appreciating diversity, and respect for others.

Video on Social Awareness

This is a popular video displaying social awareness. Check it out...
social awareness videos

Understanding empathy...

"We’d all like to consider ourselves helpful people, but are we always quick to lend a hand whenever the opportunity arises? In this episode of The Science of Empathy, we tested, through various scenarios, just how long it would take for people to offer assistance to someone struggling right in front of them." Students and families: Watch to see how long it takes for someone to help another in need... How quick are you to help others?
The Bystander Effect | The Science of Empathy

9th Grade Social Awareness Skills

10th Grade Social Awareness Skills

11th Grade Social Awareness Skills

12th Grade Social Awareness Skills

Bruno Mars gets social awareness...

Count On Me-Bruno Mars / Lyrics

Ways for Students to Help in their Communities

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Helpful Links for Parent(s) and Caregivers

Researchers agree that the essential role of parents really changes very little from childhood to adolescence. What can and must change are the strategies for carrying out this role.

Research in no way suggests that “one size fits all.” Rather, these parenting strategies offer starting points from which to adapt ideas that fit the characteristics of each family, culture, circumstance, and teenager... Click on the link below to read more about the Five Basics for Parenting Adolescents.


Crisis Support

If you find yourself in an emergency, please, call local law enforcement or 9-1-1.

Suicide Prevention Lifeline

(800) 273-TALK or (800) SUICIDE


2-1-1 (helplinecenter.org)


Flandreau Indian School Directory

To view the directory, please, open the pdf file below. This is the contact information for teachers at Flandreau Indian School. Communication is key for students to be successful during this time. Families, please be sure your child(ren) is/are reaching out to their teachers, and that our teachers have current contact information for you and your child(ren). Thank you!