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The latest Apple products

Apple has announced iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, adding a powerful money increase to Apple.

Iphone 6s is available to purchase in rose gold, silver, space grey and gold, making the phones even more popular because of the rare colors used.

There has also been a new 3D touch on the phones allowing you to access new ways of going on certain apps.

The second most popular company involving digital devices

We start in the early days...The first Apple product was known as Apple 1 created by Steve Wozniak in March 5th 1975 in the Homebrew computer club, to the Apple 11 which again Steve Wozniak created on April 16th 1977.While the Apple 11 was already established as a successful business ready platform because of Visicalc, the Apple 111 was designed to take on business environment. The Apple 111 was released on May 19th 1980.

The Apple 111 was a conservative design for computers of the era. However, Steve Jobs did not want the computer to have a fan.

Unfortunately, the physical design of the Apple 111 case was not sufficient and was constantly overheating and causing issues for the Apple 111.

Thousands of Apple 111 computers were recalled and, although a new model was introduced in 1983 to change the problems, the damage was already done.On December 12th 1980 Apple offered an IPO, Initial Public Offering, of its stock to investigate the public's opinions, when Apple went public it generated more capital than any IPO since 1956.


WAN- Wide Area Network.

MAN- Metropolitan Area Network.

LAN - Local Area Network.

What is a computer?

A computer is an electronic device which is capable of receiving and giving information (data). Also, a computer can send the data in a particular form and of a performing sequence making sure all of the chosen information is successfully and safley received and sent.
Inventing the internet changed the way of our digital world in many amazing ways.