5th Grade Family News

September 7th- 11th, 2015

5th Grade Classroom Economy FUN!

Dear 5th Grade Family,

This week we started our classroom economy behavior system. Students applied for jobs, received a paycheck, and had to pay rent on their desk in each classroom. Students earn bonuses for high grades on assessments, excellent behavior, and showing kindness to their fifth grade family. Students also receive fines for things like not completing homework, being disrespectful, or not following instructions.

The fifth grade professors want you to know that we are using this system to teach your child responsibility. Students learn to balance a check book and to pay rent on time. Please look over your child's "CE Folder" (Classroom Economy Folder) from time to time. We are not requiring parents to sign it or even be involved in daily bonuses or fines. If we have any concerns we will let you know. But, students take responsibility for their learning and earning. Way to go FIFTH GRADE!

Special Note: Please be sure to ask your child what jobs they have in each classroom. They are very proud of their accomplishments!

5th Grade Family's Professor Corner

Miss Anderson's Language Arts Class

This week, Language Arts classes began our unit about heritage. Our first story was about Vietnamese culture, though we did discuss our own cultures and traditions. Next week we will continue our heritage unit and begin preparing for our novel study on Bud, Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis. I’m looking forward to beginning our writing lessons very soon!

Special Note From Miss Anderson Regarding Novel Study

Parents: Please make sure that your student has his or her copy of Bud Not Buddy for Language Arts class by Tuesday September 8th. Email Miss Anderson if you are not able to purchase this book prior to September 8th. eanderson@kidscc.org

Ms. Coffey's Math Class

Students are doing a great job completing homework in my class. This week we introduced the power up book, text book, and math composition notebook (which is used for classwork and homework). Students are expected to complete any problem not completed in class for homework. They are checking out a textbook to take home if they need it. Please be sure to check the agenda each day. I am so excited to have a strong start to the year through structure, communication, and consistency.

Special Note From Ms. Coffey: I will be out Tuesday and Wednesday. I am traveling out of town. Ms. Scharns will be their sub both days! I will see you all on Thursday!

Mrs. Pennington's Science and Social Studies Class

Next week in science we will learn about the science process skills of measuring and communicating. We will then start a new unit on The Forms of Energy; we will cover light and sound energy. In Social Studies, we will continue focusing on geography skills. The students will learn about the different landforms and complete a map project.

Discovery Education

Students started their Math Discovery Education in the computer lab this week with Ms. Coffey. Students will be taking more online assessments in the next few weeks. Please be sure your child is well rested and has a healthy breakfast. Students should be reminded to take their time and try their best. Teachers use this data to plan instructional support in the classroom.

Dates for Discovery Education for 5th Grade:

Discovery Education (Math): Taken this week with Ms. Coffey

Discovery Education (Reading): September 15th (Miss Anderson)

Discovery Education (Science): September 18th (Mrs. Pennington)

Wednesday Folders

This week's Wednesday folder contained Emergency cards and iXL (online math program). Please be sure to return the Emergency card signed to your child's homeroom teacher signed with any address or phone number corrections. iXL was sent home by Ms. Coffey and should be used on nights your child does not have written homework. Ms. Coffey is still adding a few students to the system. They will receive their iXL login next week by Friday.

Classroom Economy

Starting next Monday, students will begin their jobs. Students applied for jobs and all three teachers will be sharing which jobs they were hired for. Thank you for reviewing the job applications and helping them fill these out. This is a valuable skill they will need as they get older and get jobs. We hope the skills they learn this year teach them real world skills and they gain confidence in themselves.

Upcoming Events

September 7th: No School/ Labor Day

September 14th- 18th: Jeans Week

5th Grade Team

Ms. Coffey: Math and Team Lead hcoffey@kidscc.org

Miss Anderson: Reading and Language Arts eanderson@kidscc.org

Mrs. Pennington: Science and Social Studies jpennington@kidscc.org