____________________All About Wetlands___________________

What is a Wetland?

A wetland a very wet biome that has many plants and animals. They mostly are in low lying areas where freshwater collects. With all the freshwater there, the soil is very saturated. Plants that can be found in a wetland are cattails, sedges, trees, and reeds. Frogs, snakes, salamanders, moose, beaver, and birds can be found in a wetland.


You can identify this type of wetland by the soil that is covered by shallow water all year around. Plants like reeds and cattails grow the best because the way the soil is. Fish and amphibians thrive though a dense reed bed. Birds ( such as herons) eat those animals.


In this wetland the water is below the soil. The water never really rises above the soil although the soil is very damp.Amphibians thrive through the wetland even though it has very damp conditions. Sedges grow in this wetland. They're move diverse and short.


Swamps are the only wetland that has trees. That is how you can tell them from the other wetlands. Willows can grow well in swamps because of the wet environment. Swamps are homes to many plants and animals. They can have predatory animals such as alligators. Swamps are usually formed when the bank of a river has overflowed.


Peat is formed in a Bog. Peat forms from decayed plants or other decayed organic matter. Plants that grow in a bog have to be able to live with little nutrients and a waterlogged environment. Moose, beavers, and some nesting birds can live in a bog. Or just in the bog area.

How They Can Help Us

They filter out pollutants and slowly release clean water and oxygen back into the ecosystem. We need them for the fresh water and oxygen they release. Also we need pollution to be gone. But we all know that probably won't happen. But why can't we try to get the air to the cleanest we can? Destroying wetlands are not helping our ecosystem much. We really could use some water here!

How We Can Help Them

Try to get involved in activities that can save wetlands. Or better yet, you can start your own group for saving wetlands. We need to think about where our water comes from some more and realize we don't have that much freshwater to drink here on Earth. Wetlands contain fresh ad filtered water. And here we go destroying them? Yeah. But we need to get people concerned about our water. And the places that don't really have any water too. We need to just get involved with the world. You can make a difference.
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