Tomie dePaola

By: Nathan Davis

Central Idea Statement

Tomie wrote children's books in his 200 year old renovated , whenever he has a idea because he loves too.

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Summary of Research

Tomie dePaola was born and raised in Meriden, Connecticut. His biggest challenge was Pratt because it was a lot of work but he loved it. He was inspired by his cousins when they were at Pratt. He is currently self-employed and loves to write and color still!

Summary of Synthesized Information


The Theme of Tomie dePaola's books is to work hard and prosper. I think this because in Strega Nona goes on vacation, she works really hard and then she sees something in her dream... a calling and she goes on vacation. In Jack, Jack is a hardworking farm boy and wants to live in the city so he goes and works to get there. In the Art Lesson, The boy is a loves to draw and works really hard at it and then is teacher stands in his way so he makes a deal with the art teacher.


The tone of Tomie dePaola's books are happy and fun. Because in Strega Nona there is always a funny character. In Jack he has a funny colored house and funny animals. In The Art Lesson, the boy makes a funny deal with his art teacher to continue his art fun!


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