Truitt Tribune

March 12, 2014

A Note from the Teacher:

Happy Spring Break! This year is going WAY too fast! We are ending this week on a celebratory note and we have earned it! A month ago our class began collecting data on the number of interruptions to learning we had per day. Our first day our total was 61 interruptions to learning on the rug and while giving directions. Over the last two weeks we average only 4 per day and on two of the last ten days we didn't interrupt at all! As a team we are learning more, getting more done, and have a great time working, learning, and playing together! WE are all so proud of our growth.

Photos of our Fun

Reading and Writing:

In Daily Five we have wrapped up our literacy learning of summarizing fiction text, the kids are great summarizers, and writers that tell a detailed story. We have celebrated our new understanding of what makes a good story by adding a new choice for work on writing called a Sticker Story. A sticker story is a fictional story the students create starting with just three stickers placed in the picture space. The student author then creates a whole story using the Somebody, Wanted, But, So, Then, format. We are really enjoying the stories being turned in!

When we come back from Spring break our focus will switch back to Informational text and reading and writing to tell information. We will begin Nonfiction research and report writing as well as continue using our Nonfiction comprehension strategies to gain information about our social studies topic; American Symbols.

Everyday Math:

We have started Unit 6: Developing Fact Power and will continue it after break. We have had some fun addition fact practice with our 5th grade buddies playing addition top-it. It is an easy game you can play at home too! You will need a deck of cards aces (represent zero) through 10. Player one draws 2 cards and finds the sum i.e a 2 and an ace would be a sum of 2 - 2+0=2 (you could even write the number model to match your turn). Then player 2 draws two cards an does the same. The player with the highest sum wins all four cards.

This Units main focus is addition and subtraction facts and strategies. It is broken down into four main parts:

  1. To introduce fact-finding strategies
  2. To review coin values, measurements, and time
  3. To develop procedures for addition and subtraction problems
  4. To introduce MY REFERENCE BOOK, which is like a simple reference guide 1st and 2nd grade students use.

When we return from break we will explore subtraction strategies, quarters, and more time practice. Counting coins using pennies, nickels, and dimes would be a great review over break. Be sure to practice making exchanges, using fewer coins for similar totals, and finding the difference of how much more one total is than another.

A Look Ahead:

Spring Break: No School Friday, 3-14 through 3-21

Monday, 3-24 Day F- Computer Lab & Library

Tuesday 3-25 Day A- Music and PE

Wednesday 3-26 Day B- Art and Peacemakers Time

Thursday 3-27 Day C- Music and PE

Friday 3-38 Day D- Guidance and Civic Center Field Trip: Stuart Little