One Room Schoolhouse

By:Leslie McCord

One Room Schoolhoses

Where was it?In the country, in the middle of nowhere.Interiors and Exteriors!Schools had a picture of George Washington hanging up. Originally a two story building but later turned into a one story.Furnishings.The kids got desks. Some of the schools just had benches to sit on. The teacher got a table.How many children Did it serve?most of the schools had around 12 students.What is its history?Created in 1872. The older child didn't usually go to school. The teachers had to be single and live close. Most of the teachers lived with a student and their family. The teacher taught every subject. There were three terms. Shools were also Churches.What type of curriculum did it have?They had certain rules to follow just like any other school. The rules were very specific. They did an activity called Draw It. In the activity Draw Itthey had to listen to a record and draw what they heard.Would I like to attend this school?I would like to attend this school because, the size would be perfect for me and it seemed much easier than it is now. I also would not like the school because I need to be in more than one room during the day it gives me the chance to be in different settings for different subjects.