The Problem With Plastic

By Jacob Belcavitch

The Issue With Plastic

Over the years our plastic use and consumption has been steadily increasing. Right now the ocean has 315 billion pounds of plastic and by 2050 we will have more plastic then fish in the sea. In Costa Rican waters a group of researches found a sea turtle with a plastic straw stuck in its nose. Now you can see plastic is a huge threat to our marine wildlife and we need to find a solution fast.

The Solution

The Solution

There are several solutions to this problem but the easiest one would to get rid of plastic all together and start making new biodegradable plates, cups, and straws. The cups would be made out of a thicker type of card stock paper and have a non stick spray covering in the inside to keep your cup dry on the outside. The plates would be made in the same way as the cups and the straws would be rolled up paper with the non stick coating on the inside. These biodegradable products will be able to decompose fast and would not affect our marine wildlife and would not be taking up so much space in landfills which is another plus switching to biodegradable cups, straws, and plates.


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